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IRS Pivot Box - Heavy Duty - USA Made

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Heavy Duty IRS Pivot Box

If you are looking at doing an IRS Conversion on your Swing AXLE Type 1 Volkswagen or just building a Kit Car or Sand Rail based on a VW IRS rear end then these Heavy Duty USA Made Pivot Box's are the way to go.

Designed to ensure you get the required 15 Degree Pivot Angle on your IRS Trailing arm they are USA Made, TIG Welded and the heavyiest Duty Pivot Box on the market.

When  you copmpare these to other chinese stuff offered there is no doubt why if you are going to the effort of doing a conversion spending the extra money on these is well worth it.

They have been designed after many years of testing and hold up under 99% of known conditions. They do not bend, flex or fail like a lot of setups.

Each Pivot Box is made in a machined fixture to ensure exact tollerance and fitted with a custom machgined boss which takes the factory pivot bolt. This retaines the required shoulder depth to keep it in line with VW specifications and get the extra strength the factory Pivot bolt offers over standard bolts and tabs.


Sold singular you will need two to do a conversion

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