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SubiStuff Sump Plus Kit

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Factory Oil Capacity, more ground clearance


When you do a Subaru Conversion one of the first issues many face is with the sump clearance or lack of it. The Subaru Sump hangs way down and in a VW sits right in the center of the Car which is exactly where you don't want to lose clearance.

To fix this there are a number of options in regards to lifting the transmission, running a 15-degree kit etc but the easiest and best is to shorten the factory Sump.

Easy enough huh just cut a few inches off it and you should be all good to go .... ah NO .... if you do this you run a very real risk of having issues.

The Subaru Engine is very susceptible to oil supply issues and some research on line will show that many a good engine has been killed by lack of oil supply.

Enter the SubiStuff Sump Plus which has been in production and testing for well over 10 years without any known issues. It has been design to specifically reduce oil supply issues and maintain the factory capacity as well as work with factory dip stick, engine mounts and headers.

We run these on all our cars and all of our conversions.

The SubiStuff Sump Plus allows you to get an extra 60mm (2.4" ) of ground clearance without any other modifications. That means if you run a SubiStuff Sump Plus and a SubaruGears Transmission you will get over 100mm ( 4" ) of clearance putting you back to pre-conversion so you never have to worry about hitting stuff with your sump again.

Sumps are sold outright and complete with SubiStuff Plus Oil Pickup.

You will love the newer design which also allows you to use a socket through the access tubes to easily fit the sump to your engine .

 Kit Includes:

  • Sump Plus Sump
  • Shortened Pickup
  • Oil Plug Compression Gasket
  • Oil Return  Seal
  • Pickup O-Ring
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